Who am I


Would it be better to write “Who am I nów?”
The most important oracle one finds in Delphi

“Know yourself”

We are all searching in life to discover who we really are.
What is meaningful to put on the World Wide Web?

My given name is Agnes van de Beek.
Years ago I went back to my maiden-name.
Via the triangle, The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam,
I landed again after many life-lessons, in Amsterdam,
a cosmopolitan place of great power, where I feel at home.
Here in the heart of the big city, my connection with mother
earth is no less strong as during the time of my marriage
when I lived in the country-side.
Also here I am aware of the connections with the elements.
In my home along one of the canals, in the heart of the city along the
water, I give my consultations.

What do I do?

I give private consultations and, on request, workshops and lectures.
I am a Tarotist and Numerologist.
The power of my creation is that during one consultation I will arrive
at the core of the problem of the client.
The essence quite often surpasses the question mentioned.
What has to “come on the table” will come.
A lot of clients come here, although they don’t always realize it, for a spiritual clearance, a carmic blockage, which they have already carried all their life.
Sometimes my clients are coaches, therapist themselves.
They are able to help other people, but as soon as they want to help themselves, by finding their own balance and/or their own happiness, disturbances might happen as if not allowing this to take place.
We need to be freed, so that nothing any more is in the way, to work on ourselves with the result being our own physic and emotional well-being.
My own life is led by synchronicity, by intuition and by the acceptance of the moment.
In the silence of the moment an inner-knowing will be manifested.

Travelling and earth-healing

My first step abroad was when I was nineteen years old.
I arrived in Scotland as an au-pair girl. I still visit and work in Scotland.
Meetings take place at sacred sites that are asking for attention in this time of ascension. The power of the meeting has a healing effect, both for mother earth as well as for the spiritual traveller.
The trees, plants, the stones, the streaming waters, the attentive power of the elementals, they all help us in our earth work.
Real attention is love.
Rituals for mother earth help the earth and ourselves through the shift: the big change, which is now being manifest on planet earth.

During the last number of years, I have travelled to India, Peru, Egypt and Tibet and also many Celtic places in Europe. Also I have connected with Italy and Spain and in 2009 a deep connection took
place with Greece.
In the spring of 2010 Romania and Berlin were asking attention.
Experiences which I had, and insights which I got on these journeys, will be told in a separate chapter on this site.
During the summer of 2010 I also visited many cropcircles in the South of England and travelled the Michael and Mary lines to end in a small cottage at the bay of St. Michael’s Mount to anchor all my
experiences and insights. In my travel stories you can read about it.


Recent mandala’s created in the connection with mother earth and the galaxy are also shown on this site.

Workshops and lectures

Workshops and lectures

Learning about the Tarot cards and how to work with them and how to interpret them.
Reading numbers, knowing the meaning of numbers will give a lot of insight about yourself, your relations and situations.
Working with energies. Everything is energy, also spoken words and thoughts.

You are made by your feelings and thinking, Where your thoughts are, that is you, you are your consciousness, On which you meditate, that you become.

On request I give lectures or workshops of half a day or a full day.
In a short time you can learn how to work with the Tarot cards or via the Numerology to look at yourself or people in your surroundings.
By working in small groups, we recognize our own situations in the other. In the recognition we get a better insight in ourselves.
During these workshops we will find answers to questions like: In which time are we living now?
What does the word ascension means?
Why is the year 2012 so often mentioned as a change in time?
And what will happen then?
Who are the children born in the last number of years?
What do all those different dimensions mean?
How can I protect myself against unwanted energies?
Or how do I handle those outside energies which make me feel exhausted?

The intention of this website is to stay connected with each other and with the earth. It will be a moving and growing site; a step into the New Time.

It is also about the children, who came to earth to be our “teachers”.

They are on earth to work with us and nót to be dominated by us with rules, which their heart cannot understand.

We all need mirrors to make the saying “Know thou self” come true.
I am also grateful,. that I am mirrored, by my children, my grandchildren and my friends. The real teacher is also pupil and the pupil is also teacher.

Agnes van de Beek
Spiritual translator
Keizersgracht 42 E  1015 CR Amsterdam

“My intuition never fails me, but I fail when I don’t listen at it”
(Inyat Khan)