The symbolism of the Tarot cards

cups A symbol is like a portal, which you can enter.
It is remembering.
Symbols are very old understandings, archetypes, like we find in fairy tales: the wise one, the witch, the magician, the serpent, the clown, the cross and the circle. Numbers like 3 and 7.
These symbols can be translated in the here and now; we meet them in daily life. They are as old as mankind.
Symbols might make us react in sympathy, sometimes emotionally and sometimes even in anger.
Remember the war symbols, e.g. the ancient sun-cross used as a negative symbol: the swastika.The purpose is to use the energy of the symbol as a positive input; however often enough and also in the past, the power of the symbolic signs is misused, by creating a slight change in the original old design.
It is a negative form of giving messages to the world, which unfortunately is still happening.
The use of modern techniques can rapidly influence us with negative energies without being aware of that. This is happening via advertisements, presentations, music, video etc.
To know and recognize these facts, in this time of awakening, is extremely important.

The Tarot is a book full of symbols. It helps us to obtain insight, not only in ourselves but also in relation to one and another. For that reason one can understand situations and take care of one’s own destiny.
Making use of the coincidence, the synchronicity, the Tarot cards come on your path and show you the way.
The Tarotcard reader is the immediate link between the energies and the meaning of the cards to the client. She/he translates and is the bringer of the message.
The higher consciousness is connected with the earthly existence in the here and now.