Tarot and Numerology in practice


Working in a group strengthens and enlarges the energy.
You, as a person, get the attention but you also recognizes your own problems when you hear the other person speak. The mirroring is optimal. You can now see your own situation in another light. Solutions suddenly appear, as falling out of the air.
Through the clarity of the numerology and trusting the coincidence of the tarot card, things fall literally together.
The moment shows clearness. As a matter of fact you get a confirmation about what you already knew!

During the workshops we don’t only work with the numbers and the symbolic of the tarot. Also questions, for instance: about the children who are born now, in this special time of transition; about the different dimensions, about the meaning of the year 2012, about
the Maya’s, will be answered. We connect with the energy of this moment, with what is manifesting itself.