House cleansing and the location around it

withaarNature makes use of the elements: water, earth, fire and air to refresh and rebalance herself again and again. Also we have to take care of our spaces where we live in, our houses and offices.
We have to bring them back in their balance, free them from unwanted energies.
The person, who does the cleansing, has to connect with the present energies in the space and be aware of the fact why there are disturbances and where.
It is then her/his task to repair and restore the balance.
The relation between the yang/yin (male/female) energy also depends where the space, like an office, spaces in a house etc. are used for.
The person who does the cleansing has to be in balance with himself and has to be physically and emotionally in a good condition. The meeting with the present energies can take place on several
layers. This particular spot on earth, which is asking for attention, possibly is influenced by many different energies, for the inhabitants mostly unknown. Also wandering souls can manifest themselves with the desire to be helped to go into the light.
The person who does the cleansing has to know, during the meeting with those souls, how to act.
This inner-knowing manifests itself after years of experience and “meetings” in nature in connection with the energy of mother earth.

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