The Ganesha story in connection with Stonehenge and Avebury

This summer, July 2010, I did a workshop in connection with the Melchizedeck energies; 3 days in Limburg, in the south of Holland.

At a certain moment during a meditation, before a reading I was going to receive, I felt strongly connected with India and the connections between India and England.

During my travel to India in the year 2001, while I was staying in Kanchipuram, I met an elephant with a pink painted mandala on his forehead. I was on my way to a temple in one of the narrow streets of Kanchipuram. Suddenly this very big elephant came in my direction, filling nearly the whole street. He only managed to fit in. Where could I go? Should I run back or continue? Was there not a man with a stick looking after him? I became worried.
However, something told me to continue and yes, there was the man with the stick, hidden behind him and then…..the elephant stopped walking.
He had reached the gate of the temple I was looking for. He had shown me the way.
It was the temple-elephant. What a relief. I followed him at a safe distant. He went in his open house and then sitting on a stone not too near, I made a pencil drawing of my new friend.
The guardian saw me and he came and said, “Oh, I will bring him a bit nearer then you can see him better”.
“No, no, it is quite all right”, I heard myself saying with a shiver in my voice


That story came to mind during the meditation. I got my reading.
Many things were said but suddenly the energy of the Indian elephant-God, Ganesha came in. I seemed to be connected with the energy, apparently, an universal energy important in old times and in this time.

Although I always felt connected with Ganesha and have a little stone statue at home, I was suddenly aware how important those universal energies are now in this time of great change.

So, what happened then after this discovery? Suddenly I saw elephants everywhere. Synchronicities again as confirmations.

The first stone which caught my eye, although quite a distance from where I entered the field in Avebury last July, had the shape of a young elephant. I saw it immediately, there he was, a young Ganesha? I went to him, spoke to him and took him with me in the format of a picture.    

Avebury July 2010


The energy of Ganesha came in again. One or two days later, we, the crop circle group, gathered at Stonehenge at 5 o’clock in the morning on the 25th of July, the Mayan day out of time.
The group went inside to the heart of Stonehenge. I stayed with Catherine behind the gate near the Heel stone. Only a piece of wire between us and the very present and powerful sarce stone. I could not touch the stone by hand ( it was also not allowed) but my staff went easily through the little holes of the fence and I connected with him on several points. Catherine was playing an old string instrument of some kind and we were toning and holding the energy, perhaps for the group, perhaps even for a bigger field.

Then at this early hour, just before dawn, a little bus stopped and 10 young Indian men stepped out. They came to us and asked me: “What is all this? What kind of stones are these? “
So I explained about a very old calendar from ancient times and Catherine completed the story. She invited them to tone with us and so they did. Connections were being made between England and India early morning on the day out of time; a continuation of my Ganesha story.

I talked to one of the men. He explained that they were studying here at the English universities, and I asked him: “Where do you come from? ” He said: “I come from the south” “Oh,” I said “I have been to the south, I was once in Kanchipuram”. He said: “Well that is where I come from.”
Then I asked him if he knew the temple elephant with the pink painted forehead. Yes, he knew him, he said.

The synchronicity filled me with joy and trust. I know we are all connected; the energies are weaving a healing field on, and around mother earth for our greater well-being.

After the ceremony we, India, England and Holland embraced each other and went our ways.

A month later during my stay in Zeeland near the North sea I created a Ganesha mandala in honour of his working energies.

ganesha2(Foto Ganesha mandala)