Private consultations


In a personal consultation the following questions for example can be asked:
Questions about work, health, relations, decisions to be taken, howto handle in a certain situation.

In the moment an energetic balance will be created. Who am I, where am I and where am I going?

It is all about the next step. That balance can only be read in the moment. It is all about Now, there is no more, we cannot reclaim the past and future is unpredictable.
Past is ”history” and future is “mystery”.

Our worries about situations we actually do not know yet, and therefore letting fear-thoughts come in, is just spoiled energy. The energy which we can use so well in the moment.
Working and be focused in the moment, stimulates our creative energy; inspiration from the higher source can enter, because there are no thoughts and no worries, there is empty space, which can be filled with creation.
That is how the theraphist, the translater of the energies of the moment works. He/she is open for cosmic inspiration and is a bridge to the higher consciousness of the client.