Poems for the new time

Poem for Mother Earth

Creation comes from the heart.
The heart is burning; fire of destruction, fire of Love
Love for the Mother of All
Gaia, waiting for rebirth into wholeness
Her breath is stuck
So bring in the light,
The light-cure is in the 3rd dimension
With Love as medicine
The gathering is here to open the Ascension Door
The golden light of Dawn is born
So without, so within
The books are already written
The formula is ready
Only the translation in the here and now has to be done
To be understood by mankind
The new born children have the keys that fit
We just read the books
The books of past lifes,
Of birth and death, of destruction, of growth, of anger and joy
It does not matter who we were
It matters who we are Now!
Fully in the heart of creative power
Coming from our source
On and within Pacha Mama