The meaning of a number is more important than we think.
Numerological thinking is playing with numbers. It gives us the chance to discover in what situation we find ourselves.
Also we can see which gifts and possibilities we have and which
limitations we will encounter.
The lessons, we have to learn in this life, unfold themselves to us.
What are our challenges? What is our real desire?
The moment of our birth represents the energy, which we have chosen, to follow our path in this life on earth.
We calculate our “life-number”, which together with the numbers,
produced by our names, show us our blue-print.
With the help of the energy, represented by these numbers, you can
“read” another person: where ( which situation) does he/she comes
from, where is that person now and where does the situation leads
to? You are able to do energetic work with the power of the numbers
as connecting energy.

Numerology and the business world:

In the business world one plays with figures like a magician. However figures stand for quantity; numbers show quality they have their influence on the spirit.
Since mankind people used numbers ( Pythagoras). Look at the bible, at fairy tales.
One has the opportunity to look in a numerological way at their staff, at persons applying for a job in the company. Which post fits him/her best? Is this the right spot for the right person? Is this candidate suitable for this specific job?
Questions like: What is a good time to start a business? What is the energetic meaning of a newly chosen name for a company? The numerologist will be pleased to tell you that.

When people have found their own balance, it will effect
the balance of the World’s household