How the dragons came into my life

Two years ago in 2008 I stayed in the house of my daughter and her husband in Switzerland in a small village 10 minutes from Lake Constance.

Early one summer evening I went out to pick some brambles on a nearby lane leading to the woods. I walked between the trees with sunny patches coming through. Suddenly a big dragonfly was circling around me, not leaving me. It was as if he wanted to tell me something or show me the way. He had beautiful blue purple colours.

Because of his name I started thinking about the word Dragon. I felt the energy and in a moment I knew there are dragons around here, fortunately invisible to my eye, but I had a certain feeling of excitement, a special energy. I walked a little further into a denser part of the woods “to meet them”. I was sure they were there to meet me as if I had known them for ages and ages.
It gave me a good feeling. In the meantime I was thinking, don’t tell that to my children; they might think I am getting a bit funny as I grow older. Anyway, now they can read my website and decide for themselves.

Walking back out of my dream and fantasy world, I brought the brambles to the table. A few minutes later my daughter asked me to join her in the garden of the neighbours for a drink. So we did.

There I got a big surprise and….. confirmation. While entering the walled garden the first thing to catch my eye were two or even three outsized dragons in relief on their garden walls.
What a synchronicity!
From then on dragons everywhere, in advertisements, painted on houses and in many churches. The biggest example is St. George or St. Michael and the dragon of course.
But also the angel with her feet on a dragon. The dragon is and was the guardian of the female energies.


But the biggest confirmation was during the next day, when I travelled to Basel. As I stood on the hill overlooking the river Rhine near the cathedral of Basel, I had to think of dragons again. I was also doubting my own observations and truth. So I asked the cosmos to give another confirmation within minutes although I was perhaps playing it a bit cheeky, asking the cosmos to give me an instant view of a dragon.
I decided to walk down to the river Rhine, looking at all those people floating at very high speed with the current of the river as a natural means of transportation. And to my amazement, and also excitement, what did I see there on the corner of the bridge that crossed the river Rhine? A tremendous big bronze dragon!


I ‘ll never doubt anymore and will trust my first impulse and my intuition. From that time on I do work with the dragon lines.
The interweaving energy of the Michael and Mary lines are forming the dragon lines.

The dragon lines, conveying the earth energies round and through the earth are like meridians in our bodies connecting the chakras. They need attention and cleaning from centuries of neglect, the sufferings, the pains, the killing and hurting caused by mankind.
We are here for mother earth and the earth is here for us. We are all one and connected by heart.

The dragons are now travelling with me. This year it has been to Transylvania in Rumania, to Berlin and also to the crop circles in South England, this summer of 2010, to connect with the galactic energies.

They cling to my stick, or should I say staff? They recognize me by this staff. They bring me to places where apparently I need to be.
I am not looking for work; the work comes to me.
They also appear in my mandalas to anchor their energies on the earth.