The story of my walking and talking stick and cropcircle initiation

It was last century, in the year 1999, the year of the sun éclipse in western Europe, that I got my stick.

It happened in the North of Scotland, on the west coast, that a friend of my son cut me this stick from a hazelnut tree to use as a walking stick like the game-keepers in the North do to climb the hills, which we together, six of us, where about to do.

That was its first trip, but by far not the last one. It has even travelled with me on aeroplanes, to Greece and Rumania, wrapped in a angler’s rod case. As it is tall and thin and breakable I had to hide it in a cover, to give it some importance, so that it would be treated with care. It travelled several times with me to Iona, that small holy island, just off Mull on the West coast of Scotland.



One day, when I arrived there with the foot-ferry, in the midst of getting all my luggage in the car of our landlady for that week on the far west side of the island, I discovered on arrival at the isolated cottage, that I had left my stick. I feared someone might have taken it, so I rushed back and there it was. It was floating on the light waves of the sea as if taking a bath and patiently waiting for me.
And this was not the only time that I was to forget

I will recall a recent story which happened last summer during my travel to the crop-circles in Wiltshire.


Cropcircle initiation



When I arrived in Wiltshire at the end of July 2010, I was very eager to visit my first cropcircle.

When I found myself in the silentcircle-café, there was just a “new one coming in”. It was shown to me on the computer in the small café and immediately I connected with it.
It does not often happen, but I could feel the energy by looking at the picture on the computer.

I decided to go there the next day. Beautiful sunshine, a promising day and later as it turned out to be, a very long day.
Now, cropcircles are not shown on the “tomtom” at least not on mine, so driving to the nearest village, you just hope that a farmer or someone passing by will know about it, or that you might suddenly see it from a higher point.

And that is exactly what happened; a high country lane and down below the waving cornfields, there it was ! A beautiful formation seen from a bird eye’s view.
I was giving a lift to a Dutch couple, who were also in search for cropcircles and we followed the road down. I parked the car. There were already quite a few people who had followed the same track urging to be on this harmonic meeting place.

And we walked the tramrails together; after a while we found ourselves in this dimensional formation. You immediately become friends with people you meet.
It is a template, a holy place with messages from unseen friends. It is for our whole-being, that is at least how I feel. It feels like a receiving station for messages – as the friend who travelled with me noticed- she was receiving messages from Venus with which she is connected.

It was peaceful sitting at certain places in the circle, walking on bare feet or just laying on your back in the sun and knowing that there is more between heaven and earth than we realize.

Walking around in the circle with my stick, I could sense the vertical connection between the earth and the other dimensions; more as an inner knowing than a sensation.
After spending quite some time in the formation both with others and also alone, it was time to drive back. It was at least a one and a half hour’s drive back.
I left a few pounds in the donation-box of the farmer and then we were on our way.

The tomtom brought us back to Devizes. I dropped my friends and went to my own B & B. Leaving my car, I suddenly got the feeling something was not right. Yes. I had left my walking, talking stick at the donation-box in the formation.

It was nearly dinnertime. I was going to meet my other friends from Holland and Judith Moore and I was hungry after a “full” day.
What should I do?
But I knew I had to go back. My stick is not just a stick.
It is a working tool, like my crystals. It connects, it heals, it is a transmitter.
So off I went again. At after another one and a half hour’s drive, I arrived at Fosbury, the village near the circle.
Then I continued to drive; where was the cropcircle? I remembered roughly its vicinity. I had to go high, up a lane. Where was that lane? Villages of just a few houses, country lanes, beautiful sights, but no cropcircles.
After an hour of desperately seeking, everything became familiar to me, though it still did not bring me to where I wanted to be. I asked farmers. They did not know. It was of course only recently, the day before this Sunday, that the cropcircle came in. Fortunately one farmer knew about it, but gave so much confusing information that after a while I had to decide to give up! There must be a reason for it, I thought.
I should not put all my faith in a simple stick, although I knew and felt it is connected with the deva’s, the elementals, the spirits of the water. My worry was that somebody might have taken it or perhaps break it and use it for firewood.

It was at that moment that I had given up and decided to drive back,  that I found the cropcircle.
Suddenly, God knows how, I was on the right lane and there, down below, was the crop formation.
What about dinner and being hungry? That feeling had gone.
I drove down, parked and rushed off to the donation-box, where I felt sure I left it.
When walking through the tramrails, approaching it, I thought I should see it by now. No way, it was not there. All this for nothing?
I could not believe it. But I had to stay in my trust.
I arrived at the spot, did not see it and then completely covered amongst the grain….. there it was. My stick was unable to be seen by others, who were not searching for it. What happiness!


So I walked again in the circle but with my stick now. I went straight to the heart of the circle where in the morning I had not been able to sit down because a person was meditating on that centre spot and I did not want to disturb him.
I noticed that right in the centre of that floating interdimensional cube was a zeropoint energy. In the total formation was an interwoven energy of male and female energy.
When I was there in the morning, which seemed ages ago by now, there at a certain spot was Lucy Pringle who does all the investigations and photographing. She was working with a small team of men who were doing the dowsing. I felt, at that moment that I had to tell one of the men about the zeropoint.
How did I know? Why did I know? I have no clue, but I told him and he was very glad to get this confirmation. He said that is where I am searching for and working from.

Anyway I approached the centre, sat there, joined by an English lady with flowers in her hair. She works, as she told me, with flower essences, is an astrologist and channels. Her name is Rosemary.
She asked what I did, I told her I am the “cleaning lady” and immediately she understood what I meant. She told me that there is a lot of clearance to be done in Wales. I felt the energy of that.

Then she connected with my stick and channelled through the energy of Moses. How appropriate! I might find out about that since I am going in December with my stick to Egypt and the Sinai. It is all connected but the picture of the puzzle is always seen at the end when the work is done.

After that a good friend of hers walked in the centre by which time there were hardly any people in the formation. And that friend..…. came from Wales. She asked me to do some clearance for her in connection with her father and mother, who died not so long ago.
Although I hesitated, as normally, I do this kind or carmic clearance in my home in the silence and energy of my own room, I decided to do it. It should work in this cosmic chamber connected with the source and so it did.
And was this the reason that I had left my stick and had to come back? It also felt that it was important that my stick stayed in the formation nearly all day.

It was already getting dark when I left and drove all that way again to my room in Little Panell, too late for food or to meet my friends. But it did not matter. My energy felt good and I was not at all tired while driving back.

My cosmic friends are looking after me. I did not leave my stick that night in the car and took it with me in the room, deciding from now on I will not call it stick, but staff!