Spiritual blockages

There are two kind of spiritual blockages;
Emotional, physical and mental blockages, created in this life or a blockage already been carried through generations. Quite often I meet, in my practice, the spiritual seeker who is asking for help, and then I find a spiritual blockage created hundred of years ago in the family lineage, where the client quite often is unaware of.

This time is asking for clearance. The earth and their inhabitants are in a “hurry”. There is un urge to clean and clear and rebalance energies; this counts both for mother earth and for mankind. There
is a great desire for harmony, love and one-ness.
Our complaints in the physical, emotional and mental area, help us to seek, to find solutions. The complaint, as an unknown helper, can bring us to the solution.
With a spiritual blockage, however, sometimes hundred of years old, often created as a curse by the dogmatic attitude in our religions, you are not protected, you are manipulated by wrong use of rituals.
You can help other souls; however when you want to help yourself, it does not work. Some-thing is “so to speak” in the way. You are banned from your own happiness and then “to live” becomes “to survive”.

In a personal consultation, in a reading, I will in contact with the person’s soul, and only if the heart of the client is asking for it, help to turn the created burden into a positive energy.