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Apollo, the black raven and the Sun Cygnus bringing gold to the Northern Cross Quan Yin let healing waters flow into mankind and the earth The golden Deer connecting Earth and Heaven, Summer solstice 2013 The Griffon, the golden sundiscs and the triangles connected in Trinity The mermaid and the merman lifting and feeding the Vatican with golden energy, april 2013
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The Parthenon in Athens, guardian of the Ouroboros, together in galactic transformation Tuning of the tides into golden energy by the blue dolphins The seed of life inside the sun, creating the colours of the New Earth, july 2013 The Lizard and the Dolphin bringing all elements together, Lizard point England July 2013 It all falls together in the Star of David, July 2013 The golden six-pointed Star bringing alchemy between the fire of the red Dragon and the water-energy of the blue Whales, aug.2013


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