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Gratitude to the pomegrate, centre of the male and the female Maltheser Cross , 11.11.11 Grounding the ascension star during the meeting of the Bear and the Dragon Lamb of God, Alpha et Omega Lifting the veil for mother earth Manifestation through the Northern Light portals 11.11.11 Medicine Buddha' s empowerment
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Osiris rising from the Galactic Nile, opening the Horus-gate sacred information Silbury Hill, the golden sundiscs and the star of Ascension The black-pearl Cobra connecting with the Djed-pillar energy The creative energy of Hathor The dragon-snake alive through the golden sundiscs moving through timelines ( inspired by a cropcircle 2011)
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The interdimensional frog The lioness bringing freedom in the Inner-earth The Madonna of All Times The rainbow-butterfly-effect The white Horse and the golden Sundisc  


Afdrukken van de mandala’s op ware grootte (A4-formaat) en gelamineerd
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